Blueberry Muffins

Muffins are a great breakfast for people who are constantly on the go. A while back, I published a post for banana oat muffins and ever since then, I've been searching for blueberry muffin recipes that don't contain any added sugar.When I did find them, most of the recipes had ingredients that I didn't even… Continue reading Blueberry Muffins

Avocado Toast 3 Ways

I absolutely love avocados, whether that be in smoothie form (have you guys tried avocado shakes with boba? They are so yummy.), guacamole, tacos, or just good ole avocados. Avocado toast is pretty much everywhere now, and according to a few articles I read, apparently the reason why millennial can't buy houses. Unless you've been… Continue reading Avocado Toast 3 Ways

DIY:♡Chocolate Covered Strawberries♡🍓🍫

As much as I enjoy eating dessert and have a major sweet tooth, I can't afford to eat cake all the time because one, I got no time to bake it, two, I'd get sick of eating it, and three, it's pretty unhealthy, albeit delicious. I personally love chocolate covered strawberries because for one, I… Continue reading DIY:♡Chocolate Covered Strawberries♡🍓🍫

Ways to De-stress!😰

As a kid, teen, or adult living in a  busy,fast-paced world, it can seem difficult to drop everything to relax or destress (who else can relate?). First, let me just say this: stress is completely normal and natural. However, having too much stress can lead to bigger problems and health issues over long term.  … Continue reading Ways to De-stress!😰

Banana Oat Muffins

As someone who attempts (keyword here is attempt) to eat healthy, it can be hard when you have a massive sweet tooth. I felt like baking this past weekend. However, I wanted to try baking something with more nutritional value than cookie and brownies. I've never attempted to bake a "healthy" recipe before because I… Continue reading Banana Oat Muffins

3 Ingredient Pancakes!

Pancakes are a weekend morning staple. They are fluffy, delicious,soft, sweet, and oozing with maple syrup. Recently, I was on a mission to find a recipe for healthy pancakes ( because we all know how pancakes are my favorite breakfast food). It may sound like an oxymoron, because pancakes are not typically deemed "healthy". Upon… Continue reading 3 Ingredient Pancakes!