Get to know me!

About me:

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I’m Liz! 🙂 Sometimes, I go as Admin L. I am the sole admin, editor, writer, photographer, and author of this blog! At the same time, I’m just your typical average teen student who has an affinity for both writing and food. I have always had a massive sweet tooth and absolutely adore baking. It is one of the activities I can do for hours on end without getting bored. Despite my big sweet tooth, I also try healthy eating as well as a live a healthy lifestyle, so many of the recipes on this blog are going include healthified versions of classic foods.

Here are seven fun facts about me:

  1. As I have stated, I have a major sweet tooth and some of my favorite desserts include cake, ice cream, and brownies!
  2. I’ve never been stung by a bee.
  3. My favorite dog breed is a corgi!
  4. I don’t eat cereal with milk, because I can’t drink milk!
  5. I love boba!My personal favorite flavor is strawberry green tea, sans milk!
  6. I get cold very easily!
  7. I love kpop! (if you want to talk to me about kpop, feel free to shoot me a message)

If you want to know why I got started with this blog, click here→Why blog?